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The Bible is the best source on the life of Jesus Christ.  We must find out what Jesus said about Himself.

Jesus made the kind of claims which only God can make.

a) Jesus claimed to be God.

John 10:30‑33.
It is clear from this passage that the Jews understood perfectly that Jesus was claiming to be God.

b) Jesus claimed to forgive sin.

Mark 2:5‑12.
This passage shows us that Jesus clearly claimed to forgive sin that only God can forgive; therefore the people understood that Jesus claimed to be equal with God.

c) Jesus claimed to be the final judge who will determine a person's final destiny in heaven or hell.

Matt 7:22,23
This passage shows that only God can determine one's final destiny.  By claiming such authority Jesus claimed to be God.

d) Jesus predicted and fulfilled his death and resurrection.

John 2:19‑21 destroy this temple and. Jesus was not talking about a temple of stone, but about His body.
Luke 24:1‑6 The woman at the tomb ‑ Jesus’ body was gone.
Luke 24:36‑45 Jesus stood among them.
Luke 24:44-45.

e) Jesus claimed to be God and either his claims were true or his claims were false.

Look at the following diagram: