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1. The Bible exemplifies amazing Unity, Composition & Preservation.

66 Books, 40 authors, written over a period of  1500 years in 3 languages on 3 continents - yet it is one book with one theme = the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible has survived 20 centuries, is printed in over 1000 languages; whereas most books don't even last for one century.

2. Fulfilled prophecies:

Prediction Fulfilment
Birth town named
Micah 5:2
Matt 2:1
Born of a virgin
Isaiah 7:14
Entry in Jerusalem
Zechariah 9:9

Luke 19:29 38

Casts lots for robe
Psalm 22:18
Mark 15:24
Gall and vinegar
Psalm 69:21
Matt 27:34
Death, burial, resurrection
Isaiah 53
Luke 23:33, Luke 23:50‑53, Luke 24
Jesus predicts his death & resurrection
John 2:18‑22
Luke 24:33,34

3. Mathematical evidence:

Mathematical  probability estimates that if a prophecy about a person, place or event has 25 details there is a 1:33 million chance of its accidental fulfilment.

Old testament contains 300+ references to the first coming of Jesus

There are 25 predicted details about his betrayal, trial, death & burial which were all fulfilled within 24 hours at the time of Jesus Christ's death.

4. Evidence of the resurrection:

The tomb was empty (Luke 24:3).

Roman guards were bribed to say the disciples stole the body (Matt 27:62‑66, 28:11-15).

First reports of the resurrection were from women, and a testimony of a woman in that culture was worthless.  But that argues for the reality of the situation (John 20:18).

Grave clothes were undisturbed (John 20:5‑7).

Jesus appeared in bodily form (Luke 24:36‑44).

Jesus was seen alive by more than 500 people (1 Cor 15:1‑6).

Disciples were changed - Peter denied Christ 3 times, yet spoke at Pentecost and 3,000 were converted (Acts 2:41).

Conversion of the Apostle Paul (Acts 9) - Jesus spoke to him personally.

Establishment of the church worldwide.

5. Evidence from a Non-Christian

Dr. Nelson Glueck,  President, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio:

Over 10 years of personal archaeological exploration in Palestine mainly in the Dead Sea area.
Discovered King Solomon's Copper mines and Solomon's Porch by following Deuteronomy in the Old Testament

Featured on the cover of Time magazine... says:

Thus far, no archaeological discovery has ever been made in the Bible lands which contradicts a well-understood Biblical statement in the Bible.