Internet Ministry in South Africa


Principle: God's light is progressive, leading us to the truth in Jesus Christ

Every man has knowledge about God from 2 sources:

a. Nature (Natural revelation) ‑ Rom 1:20  (God's power in nature).
b. Conscience ‑ The Law of God written in our hearts Rom 2:15.

Therefore man is without excuse to know there is a God:

Rom 1:20    so that they are without excuse
Rom 1:21    ...for even though they knew God, they did not honour him as God

Key point – they knew there was a God, but chose not to follow or worship Him.

Rom 1:21‑25   Shows what happens when man rejects God
A true heathen is one who has divine revelation, but has rejected it

God is not far from any individual regardless of  how remote or primitive the people:

Acts 17:26,27   He is not far from each one of us
Proverbs 8:17   If any man will seek after God, he will find Him

Jesus Christ is the only name whereby men may be saved:

Acts 4:12   There is salvation in no one else
It is only through Jesus Christ that we can have Salvation ‑ He is the only way.  We cannot just believe in any god.
John1:9   There was the true light

God's light is available to every human being.

Every man includes the educated, uneducated, urban, rural, every remote person, regardless of how primitive or physically isolated they may be.