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Pieter Brits' Personal Story

Pieter Brits

My life before:

Although I attended church together with my parents, I never had an encounter or a personal relationship with the Lord. Without realizing it, I was running away from Him. Deeper and deeper into depression.

Because of a medical problem, I had a very low self esteem and felt that everyone was laughing at me. I still remember the sad days at...

Jesus Christ makes a difference - Gives hope and purpose!

Magdaleen Brits

Without Jesus my life was empty and without depth.

The loneliness and impersonality of life in a hostel (Grade I till student years), my parent’s marriage problems, as well as being disappointed by people close to me, made me question the purpose of life.  These were things that prevented me from trusting people and gave me a neutral outlook on life. At the age of 15...

From ZCC, rape and suicide to a life of victory!

Victoria Ngake

I grew up in a family that fellowship at Zion Christian Church (ZCC).  I got baptized in that church and believed that Lekganyane was a living god.  We worshiped him and dedicated our prayers to him and used his name in every situation that you might be going through.

During January 2011, I met a friend at college who would always preach the gospel to...

From abuse, anger, religiousness and Bahaullal to a born again Christian

Phumzile Mkhonaza

Before I became a 'born again' Christian, my life was not as people thought it was, my father was abusing my mother physically, and me emotionally.

Unfortunately in the year 2004 I lost my mother, whom I could not bury.  In the same year I had to move out of Johannesburg to live with my grandmother in Rustenburg (North West South Africa).
Whereby I joined...

Resisting witchcraft to a complete physical healing

Isaac Mokopane

Charles, a lot of fun, but not happy


During my teen years I wasn't somebody you would notice soon - I was a very calm person. When I moved to Canada when I was 21, I lost all my inhibitions. Without people keeping an eye on me - I didn't have to be home on time anymore, and I didn't have friends anymore who where watching what I was doing - I started to go out every night. We used to drink, smoke and go to house parties... I was...

Lisa: ‘My world fell apart’


Lisa was seventeen years old when she finished her training as a secretary. She finds a good job immediately. She has had a boyfriend for two years now. His name is Max. They encounter some problems in their relationship and Lisa is about to end their friendship. But then she finds out she is pregnant!

‘I was in high school when I first met Max. We went to the same church. There we...

Found: God


I went to church all my life. My parents took me to church when I was small, and as happens more often, I was really obliged to go with them. Twice every Sunday! Believe me, that wasn't much fun...

When he hit puberty that didn't go well for very long. He didn't want to come along any more, and he was rebelling against God, the church and his parents. He started to go out, fooled...

Eternity in a Hindu Heart

Chellappa faithfully recited his prayers every morning. It was part of the family legacy. His grandfather was a guru and his family was part of the order of priests or Brahmin, the highest caste in India.

The soul’s destination

His grandfather’s death shook the ten-year old boy. Chellappa found no answers about the soul’s final destination so he flung himself into his studies....

Annette, win or lose


As a child I always wanted to win. I couldn’t understand that people could play a game without wanting to win. As a teenager I didn’t understand how people could end a discussion, without clarity over who had won, because only when you win, you gain something. When you win, you count. When you win, you get recognition. That’s how I lived when I was a young adult. I married an honest man, got...