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A Christian upbringing, going to church every Sunday, a Christian school, being surrounded by great examples, etc. I had it all. So faith was something very obvious for me. I knew Jesus had died for my sins, I knew He rose again. I've always been very grateful for that mercy. I never had to wonder about Gods existence. The things I saw around me were enough proof that He was working in my...

Ari Vatanen, passion for car racing

Ari Vatanen

In 1960 my father bought a car and had an accident a few months later. My father died, but the rest of the family survived. I was 8 years old. Four years later my mother bought a car that I tried out on a small, quiet road to find out how I could control gliding through the bends. That summer a rally was held in our village. I was waiting at the roadside four hours before the start so I...