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From abuse, anger, religiousness and Bahaullal to a born again Christian

Phumzile Mkhonaza

Before I became a 'born again' Christian, my life was not as people thought it was, my father was abusing my mother physically, and me emotionally.

Unfortunately in the year 2004 I lost my mother, whom I could not bury.  In the same year I had to move out of Johannesburg to live with my grandmother in Rustenburg (North West South Africa).
Whereby I joined...



My parents owned a small bakery. When I was fourteen years old I started my apprenticeship and became a pastry cook. When I was a child I believed in an almighty God and for years I tried to find out more about Him. I went to church every Sunday, but I didn't find many answers to my questions. Eventually I gave up and I started looking for fulfilment in all kinds of worldly things: soccer...

Beyond Brokeness

Mareli Knop

I was born in South Africa, but at the age of two I immigrated with my parents to Brazil, South America.
Maybe the clash of cultures was too great for us to bear. My mother was always unhappy for leaving her family behind, and my father never succeeded in anything, no matter how hard he tried. He was very strict and did not allow any freedom in our lives (friends, parties, boyfriends etc...