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Loneliness Testimonials

Jesus Christ makes a difference - Gives hope and purpose!

Magdaleen Brits

Without Jesus my life was empty and without depth.

The loneliness and impersonality of life in a hostel (Grade I till student years), my parent’s marriage problems, as well as being disappointed by people close to me, made me question the purpose of life.  These were things that prevented me from trusting people and gave me a neutral outlook on life. At the age of 15...

Annette, win or lose


As a child I always wanted to win. I couldn’t understand that people could play a game without wanting to win. As a teenager I didn’t understand how people could end a discussion, without clarity over who had won, because only when you win, you gain something. When you win, you count. When you win, you get recognition. That’s how I lived when I was a young adult. I married an honest man, got...