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Melcha and Peter, freed from fear

Melcha and Peter

Sometimes when we tell people we are Christians, they roll over the floor laughing. 'You - you go to church?!' I can imagine why they respond like that. I used to respond like that myself. I thought the whole Christian faith was ridiculous. But since I met Jesus, I know differently. It's the best thing that ever happened to me.

These are the words of Melcha (38). Together with her...

Driven to suicide

Driven to suicide

Depression led me to try to take my life; but, God had other plans.

I was raised in a family where morals were very important but a relationship with God wasn't talked about. We went to church every Sunday, though, and I was baptized when I was 10 because it seemed like the right thing to do.

When I entered junior high, I met an amazing group of friends who I call the girls. They...

Paul's Suicide

Paul's Suicide

'Your brother is dead.' My wife could barely get the words out, 'He took a shotgun and blew his head off.'

Paul's young lifeless body lay on the cold floor of his apartment for at least a week before anyone found him. Several questions ran through my mind. Why? Wasn't there anybody there to talk to him? And how come no one even noticed he was gone until almost eight days later?


Second Chance


My junior year, it all fell apart. Dealing with all the hurt, the loneliness and confusion pushed me to take the pills...
A neverending fog, not knowing a way out, feeling as though life had nothing to offer, that I was just a cosmic joke created by God for his amusement, feeling that death would offer endless supply of better alternatives to life.

This is the way I thought and...

Ann: ‘My life is still meaningful’


In 1982 Martin heard for the first time that he was possibly suffering from MS, when he told the doctor that he was seeing double. His symptoms disappeared after a year and the doctors told him that an old scar in his head also could be the cause of his symptoms. In 1993 his wife Ann suddenly suffered from a tingling feeling in her legs and in her back.

The pain got worse and within...

Dealing with Suicide

Dealing with Suicide

    My sister committed suicide - rocking our family to the core. My life was filled with many emotions and questions, and none was bigger than the "Why?" question.

    In 1984, my family was dealt a big blow. First, my father suffered a heart attack in which the doctors had to "shock" his heart to where it would beat again. About a month later, he suffered another milder heart attack...



A Christian upbringing, going to church every Sunday, a Christian school, being surrounded by great examples, etc. I had it all. So faith was something very obvious for me. I knew Jesus had died for my sins, I knew He rose again. I've always been very grateful for that mercy. I never had to wonder about Gods existence. The things I saw around me were enough proof that He was working in my life...

Ari Vatanen, passion for car racing

Ari Vatanen

In 1960 my father bought a car and had an accident a few months later. My father died, but the rest of the family survived. I was 8 years old. Four years later my mother bought a car that I tried out on a small, quiet road to find out how I could control gliding through the bends. That summer a rally was held in our village. I was waiting at the roadside four hours before the start so I wouldn...



My parents owned a small bakery. When I was fourteen years old I started my apprenticeship and became a pastry cook. When I was a child I believed in an almighty God and for years I tried to find out more about Him. I went to church every Sunday, but I didn't find many answers to my questions. Eventually I gave up and I started looking for fulfilment in all kinds of worldly things: soccer...

Beyond Brokeness

Mareli Knop

I was born in South Africa, but at the age of two I immigrated with my parents to Brazil, South America.
Maybe the clash of cultures was too great for us to bear. My mother was always unhappy for leaving her family behind, and my father never succeeded in anything, no matter how hard he tried. He was very strict and did not allow any freedom in our lives (friends, parties, boyfriends etc...